Qingdao’s Aoshan Bay is set to be the site of a massive exhibition center designed by the American firm NBBJ with a ‘water city’ theme. Scheduled to be done in 2011, the Qingdao Water City Expo Center should help propel the development of the suburb Aoshan Bay north of Laoshan along the Yellow Sea coast. NBBJ also designed the Sail on Donghai Lu (at the corner of Yan An San Lu). Read more about this project on the architecture blog ArchDaily.

An excerpt from ArchDaily about the new Qingdao Water City:

The first phase of the Qingdao Water City development at Aoshan Bay, designed by the Los Angeles office of NBBJ, will include a new exposition center of 1,940,000 sf. As the ocean sits to one side of the site, and a wetland on the other, a strong emphasis has been placed on how the exposition is shaped by its interaction and proximity to the water.

This exposition hall is an important component of the region and the architects feel it will act as “the stimulus for development within the entire city”. Set for completion in early 2011, the center will include 10 flat-floor expo halls, one multi-purpose hall, two lobbies, retail and a central outdoor expo plaza. The hall will serve as the center for international and domestic trade shows as well as host a variety of performances and large scale events

“The exhibition center design aims to create a sinuous atmosphere to induce associations of flowing water, while the “L” shaped program of the structure provides pronounced edges along the western and southern aspects of the development. Ultimately, the center will embody a gesture of welcoming, implicitly alluring visitors to the Water City development,” explained NBBJ.

Visitors will approach the main lobby, which leads to the different wings of the hall, and experience the reflection of the glass facade that alludes to a deep calm pool of water. An expansive outdoor plaza can be utilized as an exhibit for special events and as a park at all other times. The landscape will rely on natural foliage to minimize the need for irrigation and assist in the absorption of storm water.

The Qingdao Exhibition Center project team includes NBBJ as lead architecture firm and Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD) as associate architecture firm.

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