Qingdao Travelogued

Our lovely coastal city Qingdao, referred to as the “Home of Beer in China” was just recently featured in a 3 part series on CCTV-9’s travel show Travelogue, hosted by Marc Edwards. In case you’ve never seen the show, Travelogue is the only English travel show shown on CCTV’s only English channel CCTV-9.

Throughout the extensive 3 part series, Marc visits many of Qingdao’s familiar scenic spots such as Zhan Qiao Pier, May 4th Square, the TV tower, Tsingtao Beer Factory, Underwater World and a lot more. There’s even a special treat for us often overlooked Huangdao ren: at the end of the 3rd episode Marc takes the slow ferry over to Huangdao and visits Golden Sands Beach.

Even if you think you know every back alley and side street in Qingdao, it’s worth a watch.

Don’t worry if you missed it on TV and don’t want to wait for a repeat, all 3 episodes are available to watch online at the Travelogue mini website on English.CCTV.com, just follow the links below to watch each episode.

Watch it online at English.CCTV.com

Watch the First Episode
Watch the Second Episode
Watch the Third Episode

Relevant Links:
Travelogue on English.CCTV.com
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  1. This is fantastic! I’d love to know who they spoke to for the history – I certainly learned a lot, and there are some spots I need to visit.

  2. Luke

    It looks so interesting, but my school computer can’t run it smoothly at all so it’s painful to watch.

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