A group of Qingdao walkers will go on a combined 100 kilometer hike on a 3 day trip from Qingdao to Wulianshan (aka Wulian Mountain Scenic Area) near Rizhao, Shandong. The route will involve taking a ferry to Huangdao early morning on August 21 (Day 1 of the hike) and then walking 70 km to the provincial level scenic resort area of Langya, historically significant for Emperor Qin’s visits to the area and also known for the popular Langyatai baijiu brand.

Day 2 on the itinerary will be a 30 km walk from Langya to Wulianshan, then climbing in the mountains on Day 3, followed by either a ride or walk back to Qingdao. Details on final routes and equipment will be discussed at a meeting on August 19 at 7 pm at Ole Coffee across from Quanjude Roast Peking Duck on 5.4 Square (35 Donghai Lu). Call 6677.6797 for directions. More information is available by contacting Sky on 136.5869.7556.

Relevant Links:
Wulian Hill Official Website

Image Credit @ sxq2128

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