The great and green nature of Qingdao will be promoted in New York’s Times Square by an advert played a dozen times a day for the rest of the Dragon year and into the head of the Snake. The super sized screen shows a minute long video hyping the 2014 Qingdao International Horticulture Expo as well as trumpeting the livability of China’s Sailing City.

Qingdao joins Chengdu, Shanghai, and Shandong among the specific locales in China that have been championed to Gotham City residents and visitors on some of the world’s most trod upon pavement.

The country as a whole faced Times Square in the Experience China ad campaign of 2011 (shown in main image above). As yet, we haven’t seen the Qingdao ad footage, so anyone in New York who has documented this, please send us your digital capture for display here, cheers.

More on the Times Square Qingdao advert from South China Morning Post:

A 60-second video of Qingdao will be displayed on the giant screen in Times Square, New York, from May 28 (2012).

The advertisement to be shown on the “crossroads of the world,” is the city’s first overseas outdoor advertisement shown in the form of video.

The 2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Exposition and ‘Happy City Qingdao’ are the themes of the video, which aims to present the city’s new image to the world.

The 60-second video is recorded in HD format with English subtitles. By featuring Qingdao’s scenic mountains, ocean and city, the video brings out the city’s natural beauty, harmonious living environment and its vitality as a modern international city.

According to the director of the Provincial Propaganda Department Wei Shengji, the video was produced by the crew of Qingdao Television. He believed a local crew could better capture the essence of the city. “Shanghai, Chengdu and Shandong province have broadcasted videos in Times Square. Qingdao is the fourth to run a video on the giant screen.”

Wei Shengji said a large number of tourists pass through New York Times Square everyday that will be able to witness the beautiful scenery and happiness of life in Qingdao featured in the video.

In addition, in order to leave a deeper impression in the minds of the passersby, the video shows the characters of “Qingdao, China” in the form of the traditional Chinese seal throughout the 60 seconds.

The video will be displayed 12 times a day for a year.

Qingdao produces videos every year. Videos have previously been shown on CCTV, Phoenix TV and CNN.

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