Qingdao Testing Ground for 4G

The Huangdao Development Zone, a part of Qingdao and one of China’s original Special Economic Zones (SEZs) championed by the late great Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, was recently the site of a test for 4G coverage in China using a homegrown technology promoted by China Mobile. Now that it seems everyone has smart phones (iPhones in particular), it’s about time for the electronic infrastructure to accommodate users’ insatiable appetite for speed and coverage.

More info on 4G testing in Qingdao:

A bus installed with professional testing equipment is driven slowly along the main roads in Qingdao’s Huangdao development zone. Engineers watch a screen in the center area of the vehicle, checking ever-changing numbers that reflect the status of a TD-LTE 4G trial network.

It is a common scenario for Ericsson China’s engineers on the newly constructed TD-LTE trial network. TD-LTE stands for Time Division Long Term Evolution technology, one of the international 4G mobile telecommunication standards. It is a homegrown technology largely promoted by China Mobile Ltd, the nation’s biggest telecom carrier.

Li Jiangli, senior customer solution manager at Ericsson China, said the TD-LTE trial network Ericsson built in Qingdao has been very successful and demonstrated a much superior performance than the current 2G and 3G mobile networks.

“Compared with 2G and 3G networks, the TD-LTE network will enable people to do more things with mobile phones. For example, you can watch movies, have video conferences and complete tasks that use large data traffic,” Li said.

In Qingdao, Ericsson tested the possibility of updating GSM 2G base stations directly to the 4G TD-LTE base stations. “The solution does not only provide quality 4G functions but also greatly reduces the construction cost for telecom operators,” said Chang Gang, chief marketing officer of Ericsson China.

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  1. Any idea when the 4G phones will arrive? Is there a place with more info about pricing?

    Interesting to see that QD is among the first cities for 4G in China.

    • I think China Mobile would be the place to check out for more info – they will promote the heck out of it for sure 😉

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