“Welcome to my car, please specify your destination. Any complaints to dial 8 2 8 1 double 7 double 7….”

Qingdao taxi fares have recently been put up to bring the rates more in line with market conditions. The complete fleet of Qingdao taxis will be converted to the new rates by December 15, 2010. The much anticipated increase comes at a time when prices are going up in China, spurred by rising overhead costs. For the past few years, Qingdao taxis required an extra 1 yuan to be added to the meter in an attempt to ameliorate the pinch at the petrol pump for local drivers (the infamous “Oil fired fee”). The new rates now reflect this increase on the meter and then some. The Qingdao taxi scene is dominated by VW cars, especially Santana and Jetta models, for regular cabs. Higher end premium taxis found at the airport and 5 star hotels are usually Audis. The rates now stand as follows:

9 Yuan/RMB (Regular Cabs)

1.4 yuan/rmb per each km after 3 km base

12 Yuan/RMB (Premium Cabs)

1.9 yuan/rmb per each km after 3 km base

Photo Credit @ iDrien

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