Car News China has recently published pics of a Rolls inspired “wedding car” spotted in Shanghai, made in Qingdao. Qingdao Soar vehicles made in the Rolls mold have appeared all over China, as evidenced here. Soar’s production facility is located in Jiaozhou, but at this time the links on Wikipedia and China Car Times to the former Soar website with info on the Rolls vehicles are not in service, and the current Soar site does not have any photos or info on the Rolls inspired vehicles.

More info about Soar on their website:

Qingdao SOAR Group Special Automobile Technology CO.,LTD Is located on the offshore of Yellow Sea, Jiaozhou Dagu River industrial park. It is 10 kilometers’ distance to Qingyin highway and 16 kilometers from Qingdao international airport. Also, it is close to No. 204 national highway, which means it is quite convenient in terms of transportation.

The company was established in 1989 and is one of the entrepreneurs approved by the national development and reform commission (NDRC). SOAR works on production, research and sales. At present, the company has gathered a team of professional and experienced staff in the area of special vehicle. There are over 30 staffs in research and development department and over 70 members who are professional technicians. It is proud to say that we have the ability to produce more than one thousand vehicles within one year.

Now the company products are as follows: medical vehicles, police vehicles, emergency vehicles, communication command vehicles, sanitation trucks, exhibition vehicles, stage vehicles, semi-trailers, classic cars, etc. Also, some products have been granted as the design patents. The products are used in many areas, including health and medical service, public security, police and armed force, radio and television, telecommunication, petroleum, fire control, water and electricity supply, marine geological investigation, etc.

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