Qingdao’s version of a Spring rock fest takes shape over at the Qunzhong Art Center in Fushan Hou area on April 16. This event is in commemoration the past decade of Qingdao live performers and recording artists. The venue is near Shanxing Park at 715 Tong An Lu (同安路715号) behind Lotus. Redstar reports “at least 13 bands from Qingdao’s underground rock scene …. featuring Han (汉乐团), Bojue (伯爵乐队), Zhunu Wanyan, The Dama Llamas (大妈辣妈乐队), Mr. Cat and more.”

Tickets are 30 yuan (RMB); more info by calling Liang Dong 139.6986.2520. Organized by a collective of Qingdao musicians, music related companies, and music schools including Calvin Modern Music School in Taidong, Coldplay Instruments in Huangdao, bbs.bandchinese.com, Qingdao City Guitar Society, Tianyuan Recording Studios.

Chinese address:
青岛 市北区 群众艺术馆东部分馆 (浮山后易初莲花后)

Relevant Links:
Qunzhong Art Center

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