Here’s an interview with and photos of aspiring model Wendy Zhao from Qingdao. Check out more photos on her FB page and get in touch with her here.

Many people say Qingdao girls are special… tall, beautiful… What do you think?

Every time someone says that I always smile ^_^ I think most other Qingdao girls are more beautiful than me but I am tall (5 feet 9.5 inches). But most Chinese guys want a girl shorter than them, problem is they are short so it’s not easy for a tall Chinese girl. This is probably one of the reasons I ended up with an American bf. If wearing heels I’m taller than him which he totally loves, but that’s almost unacceptable to most Chinese guys. One ex bf wanted me to only wear slippers and he even wore boots just so we’d be the same height lol.

What or who inspired you to become a model?

My friends would sometimes joke around that I should be a model but I always thought they were just kidding and I never thought I’d really do it. Being a model was only a silly childhood dream which I had dismissed until I met my bf who encouraged me and pushed me to chase my dreams ^_^

Interview and Photos of Wendy from Qingdao

Who’s your favorite Chinese model? Model from other country?

李颖芝 (Li Ying Zhi) also from Qingdao is my favorite model I think she’s just perfect! Another favorite of mine, more known as an actress than a model, is Natalie Portman. She graduated from Harvard and said “I’d rather be smart than a movie star” but turns out she’s very much of both. Google image search ‘Natalie Portman Miss Dior’ to see the best photos ever taken of a human being ^_^

What are your favorite places in Qingdao?

On a clear day if you stand in Shi Lao Ren beach you can see a nice city skyline, the Lao Shan mountain and the beach views all at the same time. My favorite place to eat is Kiwi Cafe… the food there is so special, it’s the place I miss the most while here in Philippines.

If you could live and work anywhere in the world, where would you want to be?

Qingdao will always be home and there’s no place like home but it’s my dream to not live and work in one place but many places such as a tall building next to Central Park, a small house boat on the Amazon River and a big farm in the Australian countryside ^_^

Qingdao Model Wendy Zhao Swimsuit Photo

Interview and Photos of Wendy from Qingdao

Interview and Photos of Wendy from Qingdao

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