What Qingdao needs to keep going in the same direction it is going is more tourism. So, in line with that, there are plans to create a park on one of the outlying islands, and attract people to enjoy the natural beauty on it. Check out the full report via China Daily/Bandao below. Check out some photos of Laoshan natural scenery here.

On the proposed island park on Baoyu Dao:

On Oct 25, Qingdao Urban Planning Bureau published the design plan of Baoyu Island Park. The initial intention plan was first discussed and passed by local sub-district office and experts earlier this year.

Based on a small peninsula in Laoshan scenic spot, the park is designed as a famous scenery park, which covers 34,923 square meters. Total building area will be 6,000 sq m including tourist facilities, 130 parking spaces, and its two-floor of supporting facilities, Bandao.cn reported.

Baoyu Island is named for abounding with abalone. The island is covered with verdure and many miniature landscapes shaped by seawater corrosion.

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