Qingdao offers some great consumer choices, from modern shopping malls to international supermarket brands. The Mix Mall on Shandong Lu, just north of Shangri-La Hotel, is a huge modern facility with one of the biggest official Apple stores we’ve ever seen! There is not 1 but 2, count em, 2 Starbucks in the mall, as well as all the other trappings of indoor shopping found all over the world.

As for supermarkets, there are multiple locations of Carrefour, the Japanese chain Aeon (formerly Jusco), and a Metro (in Sifang district), among many others around the metropolis that Qingdao has become. Let’s just say that if you are posted to Qingdao for work, or are there visiting friends and family, you will not suffer from lack of choice for shopping. Check out some photos below by frequent and friendly Qingdaonese contributor Da Wei.

Qingdao Shopping Mall Mix Exterior Front

Qingdao Shopping Mall Mix floors escaltor

Qingdao Shopping Mall Mix Play area

Qingdao Shopping Metro Supermarket Parking Lot

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