Qingdao Photos: Portraits

Check out some impromptu portraits taken by a tai chi aficionado and former resident of Qingdao now living in the UK. The main image above is from a mock traditional wedding at the kite festival in Weifang in Shandong Province. All the rest were taken in Qingdao. The first two were taken in a la mian noodle restaurant and the remaining three are women vendors at a now closed market near 5 Middle School next to Qingdao University. For more information please contact us.

Qingdao Photos Portraits Noodles La Mian

Qingdao Photos Portraits Baby

Qingdao Photos Portraits Peppers

Qingdao Photos Portraits Mantou

Qingdao Photos Portraits Crabs

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  1. wow! great photos, good insight!

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