Qingdao Photos: Night Sky

It was a young night.  Above, the sky was not fully black. In fact, it contained the most spellbinding fade of blue-to-black. Like the wash of a watercolor. In the heart, it produced a warm sensation of awe. However, it was far-too-little light for a camera.

Instead, the photos become quite an interesting study of darkness. What we’re looking at is the horizon of Xiao Zhu Shan. There are two gorgeous stars shining profusely in the sky. One photo is a blur of strong-black meeting less-black, like a Rorschach test. No, that’s the summit of the mountain. Also, can you see, coming out of the blackness of one photo, the lights from village houses’ windows? ¬†Much to see, much to see….

Qingdao Photos Night Sky Light

Qingdao Photos Night Sky Huangdao Full

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  1. So is there anywhere in Shandong you can go to actually see any stars at night?

    • Yeah, out in the eastern part, near the Old Stone Man, Shi Lao Ren beach, and then further out in Laoshan. Which is really getting talked up for the 2014 Horticultural Expo, so maybe the stars will be blotted out by city lights by then…

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