Qingdao Photos: Laoshan

The Laoshan (崂山) mountains east of Qingdao (aka Mt. Lao) are famous throughout China for spring water and Daoism. Fantastic rock formations, magnificent pools, picturesque ocean views, and an ancient historical atmosphere make Laoshan a great place for hiking, camping, and sightseeing. Good news for those living in Qingdao: Laoshan is a short ride away by bus, car, or bike.

It’s no wonder why the early Daoists chose this place to set up temples such as Taiqinggong and Shangqinggong (home of Praying Mantis Kung Fu).

Please note that Laoshan district contains the Laoshan mountain range and is also a growing part of the city of Qingdao that is home to the Qingdao International Convention Center, Qingdao Museum, Old Stone Man (aka Shi Lao Ren/石老人), and the Qingdao Grand Theatre. For more info, see the Laoshan disambiguation page on Wikipedia. Check out a set of photos taken in and around the mountains of Laoshan.

Qingdao Photos Laoshan Coast 1

Laoshan Qingdao Photos Hike

Laoshan Qingdao Photos Temple

Qingdao Photos Laoshan Rocky

Qingdao Photos Laoshan Tea Village

Qingdao Photos Laoshan Waterfall

Qingdao Photos Laoshan Sunrise

Qingdao Photos Laoshan Lake

Qingdao Photos Laoshan Bridge Over Waterfall

Qingdao Photos Laoshan Coast

Laoshan Qingdao Photos

Qingdao Photos Laoshan Waterfall

Laoshan Qingdao Photos Monk

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  1. Can anyone tell me how can I get to Laoshan without my own car?

    • Hi Esther,

      It depends on which part of Laoshan you want to visit. 104, 310, 110 buses all go to there, you can catch all of those from Jusco. 110 goes to Yangkou via Bei Jiu Shui. 104 goes past Shazikou, as does 310 to the Dahedong Reservoir. There are websites in Chinese about the various routes. You can search on Baidu. Let me ask someone and try to get more info for you. You can private message me here on Qingdaonese, or reply to this comment, just need more info on where you want to go exactly. Good luck ~~

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