From Qingdao(nese) contributor Da Wei:

Here is a set of images showing Qingdao (Tsingtau) from back in the day when the city was being built by kuli and administered by representatives of Germany. There are 3 postcard images of the area around what is today called Zhan Qiao Pier, where the original Qingdao quay was built. The remaining images are:

* QD Port Photo was taken sometime between 1898 and 1914. This photo was found on the New Zealand History site online:

* The view over Qingdao date is unknown. It shows two ships. The larger ship is the German light cruiser SMS Koln (it was sunk during WWI, I think).

* The German-Chinese College photo was taken in 1913. This photo was found online and is from the German Federal Archives.
* The Strand Hotel. 1910. This building is now owned by a real estate developer and sits across from the Number 1 Beach in Shinan.
Check out some colour images of old Qingdao here.

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