Demery ’83 refers to the photos of QIngdao posted on Flickr by Leroy W. Demery, Jr., taken when he was traveling around China in 1983. These photos show a Qingdao that is gone forever, a city on the cusp of major development yet with a solid economic base which in itself was a result of the hard work and ambitions of generations of Qingdao residents. This time period was the historical seam between the official reform drive of the late 70’s and the acceleration of the open door policy of the late 80’s and 90’s led by Deng Xiaoping.

The fascinating follow up by LORD Charles shows the same locations in the Demery set over 20 years later. Both changes and constants can be seen in this amazing side by side comparison, highlighting Qingdao’s amazing transformation since Demery’s visit.

Relevant Links:
Leroy W. Demery, Jr. Photo Set of Qingdao 1983
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