Check out the fourth installment of photos by Qingdao based Clay Army. The main image shows the northeast corner of Shandong Lu and Xianggang Lu (Hong Kong Rd) intersection during the 50th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the PRC in October 1999. Contact the photographer directly.

Qingdao Photos Beihai Shipyards

The Beihai Shipyards used to be on the site of the present day Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center (next to May 4 Square in Fushan Bay) before moving to Huangdao to make way for the 2008 Olympics Sailing Regatta. This photo was taken facing south from the Jin Guang Da Sha on Hong Kong Rd circa 1998.

Qingdao Photos Pichai Yuan

Pi Chai Yuan is in one of the oldest commercial areas in Qingdao’s old town just west of Zhongshan Lu. The area was renovated in 2008. This photo shows Pi Chai Yuan in the 1990’s. Read more about Qingdao’s traditional liyuan.

Qingdao Photos Huiquan Arena

The Huiquan Arena was torn down in renovations of Huiquan Square near Qingdao’s Number 1 Bathing Beach after the year 2000. This arena used to host sports events as well as concerts – Cui Jian played there in 1994. The Double Star Badminton Club was attached to the turtle like structure built in the 1980’s. Tiantai Stadium behind the arena is undergoing renovations, covered by scaffolding.

Qingdao Photos Laoshan Billboard

The billboards in Qingdao used to be hand painted (the former profession of Qingdao painter Pan Wenyi). This one shows an ad for Laoshan Mineral Water. Picture taken in 1992. Note the lack of cars and use of bikes.

Qingdao Photos Hong Kong Road Ocean Hotel

The view from a taxi at the intersection of Xianggang Zhong Lu and Yanerdao Lu, traveling west. Note the Ocean Hotel on the right middle just in front of the still under construction Qingdao Financial Center. The Ocean Hotel is no longer there – in its place are 2 new COSCO office towers (across from Jusco).

Qingdao Photos Jimo Lu Market

Jimo Lu was formerly an outdoor market that spread out over many blocks in the neighborhood surrounding the Jiaozhou Lu/Zhongshan Lu area. It was a covered market open year round.

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