Check out the third installment of photos by Qingdao based Clay Army. The main image shows a model home designation above an apartment door. Contact the photographer directly.

Qingdao Photos Wedding Couples Badaguan

Innumerable photographs are taken of brides and grooms to be on the coasts, in front of the churches, and in the parks of Qingdao. Many of the picture perfect sites are around Bathing Beach Number 2 and surrounding Badaguan, where this shot of couples on their wedding photo day was taken. This phenomenon is a modern mark of Qingdao and has been recorded for posterity in video and still by many, many visitors.

Qingdao Photos Nezha Rock Band

Nezha was a rock band active in Qingdao around 2003-04. The group’s name was taken from a mythical character who is featured among other places in Journey To The West, fighting alongside the Monkey King (Sun Wukong). The band Nezha had a standing gig on weekends at the Corner Jazz and helped popularize the night spot in its early days with long jams of originals and covers like Hit The Road Jack and Riders On The Storm. Band members were Bones, Ray, Jako, Professor, and Stevie.

Qingdao Photos City View Yancheng Lu

View of the Zhan Shan Primary School in the foreground, office towers, and apartment high rises in Qingdao’s new downtown circa 2002 in the background. The long closed school sits on the western edge of the still undeveloped space surrounding La Villa. There is a very small park behind La Villa and some 1950s era buildings that await their fate.

Qingdao Bicycle Plate Clay Army Photos

Qingdao used to be a bicycle friendly place (no matter what people say about it being too hilly). Now that cars rule the roads, it’s hard to imagine a city where there were so many bikes that they had to be registered and carry city plates. This two wheeled wonder of a bygone era was photographed at the docks in Tuandao, near to one end of the Huangdao-Qingdao tunnel, in 2001.

Qingdao Jimo Lu Market Clay Army Photos

The old Jimo Lu Market was an outdoor covered market spread out over blocks of streets around the intersection of Zhongshan Lu and Jiaozhou Lu. This area was the major commercial center of the city until the population shifted east along the coast following the municipal government, residential redevelopment and newly arrived big box retailers in the mid to late 1990’s. This photo shows one of the main entrances circa 1991.

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