A set of photos of Qingdao from Clay Army that shows areas of Qingdao changed in recent years. For more information contact the photographer directly.

Qingdao Intersection Shandong Hong Kong Lu

Intersection Shandong/Hong Kong Lu
This photo was taken from the Fuxin Hotel behind the Qingdao City Hall around 10 years ago. Note the gas station at the corner is now gone and this location is today the site of the Tsingtao Center across from the Shangri-La Hotel. Also note the vintage yellow painted blocks of flats in the foreground, which are next to the Qingdao government building (not pictured) and behind the large billboard with Deng Xiaoping’s portrait that blocks the old flats from being seen from the main road (only rear of sign seen in photo).

Qingdao Old Lane Ocean University

Qingdao Old Lane Brick Homes
West of the original Ocean University campus is a neighborhood with houses and apartments built back in the day when the school was called Shandong University. These small lanes and homes are still extant and have a certain Western influence that marks much of Qingdao’s past. To visit this area of Qingdao, head down to Daxue Lu and veer off into the streets just north of the Dongfang Hotel. The winding roads and period architecture may spirit you back to another time before Qingdao was liberated. Near Strong Ale Works around the corner on Daxue Lu.

Qingdao Alley Historical Register

Near the Former Residence of Liang Shiqiu
Qingdao’s history is being preserved now after decades of neglect and regretted demolition of old buildings. This photo is classic Qingdao old town, a small alley with large slabs and blocks of Laoshan stone used for the pavement and walls. The local historical register now protects hundreds of buildings in Qingdao, many of them former homes to famous figures from China’s past. Qingdao was and continues to be a preferred destination and residence for many artists, writers, educators, and more. This photo conveys a sense of Old Town: red tile, historical register, Qingdao alleyway. Liang Shiqiu was a well known writer and translator of the complete works of Shakespeare into Chinese.

Qingdao Music La Villa Bones Jako

Qingdao Musicians at La Villa
Bones Xiong and Jako Zhao used to be in a band called Nezha here in Qingdao. Both have since moved on to other projects but this photo shows them on a late night session at La Villa Bar and Restaurant when they took the stage impromptu and played some improvisational songs. La Villa was the site of regular concerts from punk to jazz to Chinese rock and remains the stomping grounds for many artists and creative types in Qingdao. Listen to some Nezha music on Myspace.

Qingdao Jazz Bar Band Nezha Music

Band at Jazz Corner
Qingdao’s Jazz Corner bar is a swinging heart spot packed with dancers and intoxicated revelers on most weekend nights. Not really known for jazz music, the bar did feature live music from local bands in Qingdao before converting the front stage into a DJ booth. This image has some intentionally added noise via a PS filter. Hopefully it still gives an idea of what Jazz Corner was like back in the day before Lennon etc. Unfortunately there aren’t many bars in town serving up live music anymore.

Qingdao City Hall Back Ocean

Qingdao City Hall From The Rear
Also shot from the Fuxin Hotel on Minjiang Lu in Qingdao, this photo shows the back of the Qingdao City Hall/Government Building which fronts Xianggang Lu and looks out on May 4 Square. The background ocean shows the Beihai shipyards which is today a part of the site of the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center. The shipyards moved to Huangdao to accommodate development of the Olympic Center.

Qingdao Liyuan Haipo Sifang Lu

Qingdao Liyuan Sifang/Haipo Lu
Many of the traditional courtyard dwellings known as liyuan have been torn down as they were too old for repair or in the way of current development such as buildings, highways, etc. This one is still there, the entrance is on the corner of Sifang and Haipo Lu. Read more about liyuan in this excellent article by Marcus Murphy.

Qingdao Photos Corner Music Hall Lanshan Lu Zhejiang Lu

Qingdao Concert Hall Corner
The Qingdao Concert Hall is at the corner of Lanshan and Zhejiang Lu in Qingdao’s old town, right across from Zhan Qiao pier. This shot shows the engraved road signs on the corner of the Concert Hall building. Many of the older buildings in Qingdao have this type of signage – look around Badahu and other neighborhoods around town to see more examples of these decorative and functional touches.

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