Qingdao Photos: Chloe Lee

Chloe Lee is an exchange student at Shandong University in Weihai. Born in Seoul, she spent her childhood in Singapore, the US, and returned to Seoul to finish her degrees in Chinese and International Studies. She is more the occasional writer than she is a photographer. Check out the magazine she writes for based in Seoul, Korea.

Chloe Lee’s Qingdao:

I packed my very small black backpack and was set to leave for Qingdao, without the faintest idea about its geography or its tourist sites. I simply picked a youth hostel in Old Town and took the long-distance bus to Qingdao. As I always do, I walked more than the buses traveled. And this led me from the quietest hutongs to the busiest alleys. I clicked away, mostly in awe of the crumbling, dusty backstreets or empty parks rather than the loud clanglings and equally loud costumes of streets fairs.

Qingdao Photos Chloe Lee Pi Chai Yuan

Qingdao Photos Chloe Lee Taoist

Qingdao Photos Chloe Lee Peking Opera

Qingdao Photos Chloe Lee Peking Opera

Qingdao Photos Chloe Lost

Qingdao Photos Chloe Lee Murals

Qingdao Photos Chloe Lee Zhan Qiao

Qingdao Photos Chloe Lee Zhan Qiao Black and White

Qingdao Photos Chloe Lee Park Road

Qingdao Photos Chloe Liangchai

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  1. Nice photos. I like the one of the woman under the umbrella – Chloe had named it SO P-I-M-P. 🙂

  2. you have a good eye for detail

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