Check out these retro photos of Qingdao from the blog Where Five Valleys Meet. They show Qingdao and Laoshan scenes from the mid 1980’s, including the old changing huts on Beach Number 1 (now gone), the ubiquitous cotton blues and greys (and a bright red standout young person with her eye on the future), an old style banquet, a Taoist in his Laoshan garden, and more. For more information, check out Rosemary’s blog here. Images all rights reserved, Where Five Valleys Meet.

Qingdao Photos Huiquan Bay 1980s 2 Women

Qingdao Photos 1980s Laoshan View

Qingdao Photos 1980s Laoshan Waterfall

Qingdao Photos 1980s Laoshan Taoist

Qingdao Photos 1980s Laoshan Banquet

Qingdao Photos 1980s Beach 1 Xiao Yu Shan Taken from Dynasty Hotel

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