Qingdao Photos: Alexandra Nosach & A Green City

Check out a second series of photos taken in Qingdao, copyright Alexandra Nosach, in which she captures some of the green around the city. Here first set of photos can be seen here. Contact the photographer here. If you have photos of Qingdao that you’d like to contribute, please send us an email.

Qingdao Photos Alexandra Nosach Governor's Mansion

Qingdao Photos Alexandra Nosach Football

Qingdao Photos Alexandra Nosach Little Fish Hill

Qingdao Photos Alexandra Nosach Green City Temple

Qingdao Photos Alexandra Nosach Green Mountain Path

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  1. Compositions are nice, but the colours are oversaturated to the point of making me feel like I’m on acid.

    • 🙂 these are absolutely natural colours for my wonderful, bright and amazing world.

  2. Lovely…. but why not show the REAL Qingdao-leaking, overflowing, smelly rubbish bins, dog crap, rubbish, broken streets and pavements, car congestion etc etc-some natural wonderful bright and amazing colours in these as well 🙂

    • I am pretty sure that people don’t want to check out photos of leaking garbage cans and dog crap, though there probably is a “nice” site on the net doing that. Anyway, thanks for commenting Nick, and kudos to Alexandra for showing some of the attractive things that she saw in the city and environs.

    • I bet all the things you’ve listed can be found in every city. But hey, haven’t you seen that stunning scenes around? fascinating works of nature, history maintained in architecture? If dog crap is a part of your “wonderful”…well we all see what we want to see 🙂

  3. Interesting but predictable answers dears. However in the words of that great sage Klide Ankle “Those who wear rose coloured glasses always miss the true spectrum of life”

    • It couldn’t be more predictable to hide behind the words of another great sage 🙂 It’s not about wearing rose-coloured glasses, it’s about taking off the black ones sometimes 😉

  4. Wearing either rose tinted or black glasses you would still be missing out on reality or suffering from blindness. However your photos are lovely and show great skill. I do have to agree with young James though that your colours are a bit trippy.
    Keep up the good work.

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