Qingdao Photos: ’91 Ningxia Lu

We just came across a treasure trove of photos of Qingdao dating back to 1991. The one shown above was taken standing in the intersection of Ningxia Lu and Gaoxiong Lu. Today it’s the site of the main gate of Qingdao University.

Special thanks to Derek Walter, a ceramic artist who lived in Qingdao at that time and took these photos. Find out more about his work at Rust Belt Gallery.

Other photos below are of the Textile College, then a separate school, now a part of QDU, view taken from what is now known as Hong Kong East Road, and the Qingdao University Library under construction on Ningxia Lu.

Qingdao Photos Textile College 91

Qingdao Photos Qingdao University Library Under Construction

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  1. Wow, these are very cool. Thank you for sharing. Please publish more!

    • Just put a new one up, it’s another vehicle shot. For some reason, these were the things we took photos of in the old days….

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