Qingdao Parks

Now that warmer weather is here, it’s a good time to get out and about. Here’s a very brief outline of some of the very best parks in Qingdao.

Zhongshan Park

Many cities in China have a Zhongshan Park named after Sun Yat-sen, aka Sun Zhongshan. The Zhongshan Park in Qingdao occupies a large green space in the middle of the divide of old and new town, and blends east into the Zhan Shan Temple area. There’s a cable car, frequent festivals and events, and the Qingdao Zoo is in the north of the park, with a separate entrance on Yan’an Yi Lu as well. There’s lots to do and see here, even some light hiking in the hills in the east of the park. Right now is a great time to check out the blossoms on the trees. More on Zhongshan Park from Wcities:

“A Buddhist temple, a tea house, a chairlift ride to the top of Taiping Hill, and a sci-fi looking TV tower are some of its more noted man-made attractions. Despite its popularity, escape from the crowds is easy on its fan of tree-lined paths. Try to time a visit during spring when the cherry trees put on a blossom show.”

Lu Xun Park

Small but very picturesque, this park is named after the famous author who wrote Diary of A Madman and The True Story of Ah Q, both extremely important works in the development of Chinese literature of the 20th century. There’s a traditional Chinese arch at the gate, and a statue of Lu Xun welcoming visitors. One of the most striking features of this park is the abundance of small pine trees, which provide a shady respite from the adjoining Number 1 Beach. Views are of the Huiquan Bay and sweeping vistas of the sea. There’s also an interesting mix of international and Chinese buildings nearby, such as the pagoda in Xiao Yu Shan Park on the adjacent hill and the colonial era apartment building across the street. Sandwiched in between the Naval Museum and Underwater World aquarium, Lu Xun Park is best visited on a weekday morning, when there is calm, quiet, and relative solitude. See a preview of the park scenery here.

One of the top scenic spots in Qingdao, Xiao Yu Shan stands out as one the first places newcomers to the city should see.

Xin Hao Shan Park

Also known as Signal Hill, this park has incredible vistas of Qingdao’s Old Town, from Ocean University and the German Governor’s Mansion to Zhongshan Lu and Xizhen. According to AOL Travel:

“This small, but scenic park affords the kind of stunning hilltop views favored by postcard photographers and chamber of commerce employees.”

The steep hill in the park is topped by 3 red domes at the peak, the largest of which now serves as the information and service center for the park. The indoor viewing platform slowly revolves to give visitors a 360 degree experience of the great views.

Xiao Yu Shan Park

Translated as Little Fish Hill, Xiao Yu Shan has a traditional Chinese pagoda which can be ascended for a stunning lookout on Huiquan Bay and Beach Number 1. The historical architecture of Badaguan and surrounding Ocean University are also viewable from the top, making it the perfect spot to see the famed “red roofs, green trees, blue sea, and azure sky” of Qingdao.

Check out these photos of parks in Qingdao, China.

Photo Credits @ Alan Tan (Sakura Tree) and SPINETTI Romain

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  1. Joz whatever

    how about the botanic garden? i liked it so much before~but not sure if it’s the same as years ago or not…

  2. Morgan

    And if you get on the wrong bus and accidentally end up in ChengYang, Century (shi ji) Park is a pleasant surprise. Paddle boats, bamboo paths, and a pretty decent Korean-owned Chinese restaurant.

  3. @ Joz whatever:
    Hi Joz, yes, the botanical garden is excellent, next to Zhan Shan Temple on Yunyang Lu. There are two gates there, one is ticketed and one is not. The (free) open one on the left leads up a hill to some great views, from the pavilion. There are what appears to be underground shelters up there too, though built when by whom for what, dunno.

    Another nice park in Qingdao is Baihua (Hundred Flowers) on Yan An Yi Lu. It has great flowers and is very popular for couples having photos taken in full wedding regalia. In fact, the whole area from Yan’an Yi Lu to Zhan Shan Temple is a huge green belt cleaning some of the emissions from the city air, the Google Map for this area shows that off really well: http://tinyurl.com/23xltls

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