Full schedule for the 2011 Qingdao Panto production of Robin Hood

  • May 6 @ 7 pm
  • May 7 @ 2 pm & 7pm
  • May 8 @ 2 pm

Tickets are available at Redstar, ssLPG, Terrazzo, The Book Nook, Canvas, QISS, and Joy’s Kindergarten. Call 152.6929.8353 for more information.

2011 Sponsors:
Cash donations: IKEA, Bank of Qingdao, Stihl, Briton, Canvas, LPG, La Villa, Salsa Q, QISS, QISS Teachers, Touch Spa, MicMac, Lovely Nails

Other Donations: YCIS, Resourcepro, Redstar, Intercontinental, Mins Magazine, QINGDAO(nese), Qingdao Expat Magazine, Japanese Bakery-Boulangerie Levain Naturel, Terrazzo

Qingdao International Drama Group presents Robin Hood at the Intercontinental Hotel in Qingdao on May 6-8, 2011. The Qingdao Panto has been a fixture on the local arts scene since its first performance in 2007 of Rumpelstiltskin. Subsequent shows included Aladdin (2008), Robinson Crusoe (2009), and Cinderella (2010).

The pantomime has a long tradition in Britain and differs from its silent American cousin. Qingdao pantomime includes speech, song, and dance in a rowdy slapstick comedy manner that encourages the audience to vocally participate. Proceeds from the Qingdao Panto go to local charities associated with the Qingdao Expat Group. Qingdao International Drama Group is also known as the Qingdao Expat Drama Group.

The actors and crew for the Qingdao Panto (pictured in the collage above) need your help. Their efforts to build a better community through the arts includes charity work around Qingdao. Please see below for more information on sponsorship opportunities and how to help this year’s effort to put on the best panto yet. All donations are equally important – no matter how small, donations are always welcome from private sponsors.

When: May 6-8, 2011 (see full schedule above)
Venue: Intercontinental Hotel 3F
Location: Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center / 青岛奥帆中心
Tickets: Adults: 100 yuan (RMB); Children/Students: 50 yuan (RMB)
More Info: 152.6929.8353 / qdpanto2011@gmail.com

More info from the Qingdao Expat Drama Group:

Our mission
Bringing dramatic arts, music, dance & comedy together to celebrate our international community and give something back to Qingdao and her people.

Brief description of our group
Qingdao Expat Drama Group was formed 5 years ago by expats living and working in Qingdao. The production team is made up of 6-8 volunteers, and the composition of that team is subject to change each year due to the transient nature of the expat community. While providing a stage for performing arts to develop in the community, Qingdao Expat Drama Group is also committed to charity work. Our objective is to raise money in support of the already established Qingdao Expat Charity, or other worthy local causes, through presenting live performances of pantomimes, music shows or drama/plays. The money collected will help to support underprivileged children in the Qingdao area. We have been able to raise funds to provide children with life-saving operations. The generous support of your company would make a difference to these people‘s lives!!

The performance this year will be Robin Hood, with a cast of around 40 people and crew of 15 to 20. The dates of the show will be from 6 -8 May, with 4 shows including matinees.

What we need
As much support as possible to raise charity funds for our community. This support can be in expressed in different ways, such as:

  • Offering different in-kind contributions (service or products) that will facilitate the preparation process and the performances of the show;
  • Offering different products that can be sold to the audience during performance and raise money for charity;
  • Donation of money which will be used for paying all the show expenses and/or fundraising for charity.
    Whatever amount and kind of contribution is welcomed!!!

2011 Pantomime already has a theatre
The great news this year is that we have already found the first sponsor, which will offer the venue. The show this year will be in the Theatre of the Intercontinental Hotel. We consider this a great opportunity based on the wonderful conditions and location of this theatre.

The catalogue of advertising materials to offer our sponsors:

  • Inclusion in our web site www.qingdaopanto.org;
  • Direct link with Qingdao Expat Group website www.qingdaoexpat.com;
  • Inclusion in our Show programme (size to be agreed based on contribution);
  • Inclusion in the Tickets (can be styled to include very important Sponsor);
  • Leaflets and/or posters to show sponsor name/logo (see attachment);
  • Joint advertising in local journals (REDSTAR, Mins, Qingdao Expat Magazine, or any possible means of communication with public);
  • Mentioning of the main sponsors during the performance and also in between 2 acts;
  • Shared opportunity to sell food and drinks before, during and after each performance (to be discussed further);
  • Recognition by the local community that the Sponsor supports local good causes.

How last year’s funds were used
The funds raised during last year’s Panto were given to Qingdao Expat Charity Group, which is a group of volunteers that has been assisting the Qingdao community for the last 10 years. QECG regularly cooperates with Qingdao Children’s Hospital Heart Centre, University Hospital in Qingdao, cancer diagnosed children and different primary, middle and high schools.

Its main aim is to assist children in rural areas in:

  • Offering financal assistance for heart surgeries and special medical treatments;
  • Assisting schools to build infrastructure;
  • Helping impoverished children to attend schools.

Among the most important achievements in 2010:

  • Financial assistance in order to receive medical treatment, surgery and medicine for 3 children;
  • Financial assistance for 1 child diagnosed with cancer;
  • Internal reconstruction of one school in Laixi, changing windows, doors, etc;
  • Installation of new heating system for one school in Pingdu;
  • Supported several students in those schools to pay tuition fees, school uniforms, insurance and books, etc (9 primary school, 2 middle school and 2 high school).

2010 Panto Sponsors

Major Sponsors:

  • QISS (offered their school theatre, free of charge)
  • Shangri-la (donating all the food for “Show & canapé” ticket holders)
  • IKEA and Bank of Qingdao (main Sponsors)
  • FL Schmidt
  • JM Huber
  • Bitron
  • Keebler

Smaller Donations:
Bellaire International Clinic, Grease Monkey, Sleeping Lotus, Lovely Nails, Walk Inn, Boulangerie Levain Au Naturel Baker, Rania Vivona Designs, Gogovivi Designs, Robert’s Furniture, Albert from Defa the German Butcher, Alina Zhang, Resource Pro, Daddy Design, Han Xiang Yi Yoga Center, YCIS Yew Chung International School.

Additional Information
In case you would be interested to contribute, please provide your company details, such as name, address, logo, colours as soon as possible in order to have them appear in our advertising materials/channels. Please note our specific situation regarding bill providing. We will provide you a receipt for any cash donation but very difficult to do so for in-kind contributions. Based on the amount of your contribution we will find a mutually agreed upon solution for advertising opportunities.

Qingdao Panto Cinderella

Qingdao Panto Privates

Qingdao Panto Cindersmella

Qingdao Panto Drama Group Cinderella

Qingdao Panto Drama Group

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