Qingdao students will be riding in style on some new big nose yellow buses for the commute between home and school. Qingdao is one of the more progressive cities around China in the drive to improve road safety for the homework heavy Chinese children, having earlier acquired a bunch of the future Further mobiles.

The recent order of 70 buses by the Qingdao Public Transportation Group will be filled by the Yantai (Shandong) based Shuchi Vehicle Company. The buses are equipped with a stop sign arm that lets other drivers know when to stop and allow students to disembark.

More on the big yelllow bus order by Qingdao Public Transportation from ChinaBuses.org:

On Sept. 15th, in the bidding meeting of Shandong Qingdao Public Transportation on school buses,Yantai Shuchi Vehicle Co., Ltd. won the 70 units of American “Big Nose” school buses order, with the total amount over RMB 22 million, which was the biggest school bus order in the bidding.

The American “Big Nose” school buses are 10 meters long and are manufactured by Shuchi Bus in Shandong Province. According to the technical personnel of Shuchi Bus, the Shuchi school bus uses environmental protection material to make the bus without pollution. It also creates a comfortable traveling atmosphere without noise. When the bus slowly stop, the parking sign arm on the left side would immediately open and the red warning lights marked “STOP” LED will be flashing, so the vehicle in the back will pay attention on it and keep away from the school bus.

On February 8th, 2012, the first Shuchi independent research and development of “Big Nose” school bus got offline which was made according to the Chinese national standard of the school bus. According to the vice-general manager Wen-Tao Jiang said, Shuchi Bus would produce about 6,000 units of “Big Nose” school buses. At present, there are all kinds of the school buses with different engines location, however, the “Big Nose” school buses show the better safety performance.

Yellow School Bus Chinese Children

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Image Credit @ Mobile Global Times, Children’s Med Mag

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