Qingdao Makes You Happy

How many times has someone from Qingdao wished you happiness? The commonly bestowed blessing Zhu Ni Kuai Le/祝你快乐 must be working wonders on the populace here, as the city was recently recognized as China’s happiest. Take all the scenery of Qingdao’s rugged mountains, picturesque bays and inlets, easily accessible and abundant sandy beaches, a port city’s plentiful and affordable seafood, and lots and lots of cold beer, throw in some handsome historic architecture with the best seasonal weather in China and it’s not puzzling to see why local respondents told surveyors that they are very happy in Qingdao.

From Xue Rui at China.org.cn:

Qingdao, Shandong Province, is the happiest city in China, according to the China Institute of City Competitiveness’s “happiness index.” The coastal city received 90.56 points in the annual Chinese City Classified Advantage Rankings, one of the most comprehensive evaluations on Chinese cities that are based on statistics from China Urban Competitiveness Research Committee. The statistics were released in a press conference in Hong Kong on July 8. The index includes factors such as residents’ sense of belonging, stability and satisfaction, as well as outsiders’ perceptions of the city. Cities also got points for being good places to live and work and having unique culture, beautiful scenery or good environment.

With construction well underway for an upcoming subway to alleviate traffic congestion, the tunnel and bridge to Huangdao/Xuejiadao to help expand the suburban transportation network, and more affordable quality housing and jobs on the horizon, let’s hope that Qingdao just keeps getting better and remains the happiest place to be in China.

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  1. Joz

    No wonder am not happy now~ cause am not in Qingdao at the moment…sigh~i guess i would be a totally stranger when i go back

  2. Can’t wait to live in Qingdao! 🙂

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