Fellow Hashers,
We’re not the only runners in QD and also not the only ones that organize some runs here in QD. This time the big sports equipment company Li Ning is organizing a big 5K and 10K race in Qingdao for June 15, 2014. It seems like their planning committee is inspired by our hash because they have a date and a run – but no trail for it….

The main info in Chinese can be found here: http://www.lining10k.com

You can register online yourself through this link: http://www.lining10k.com/html/baoming.html

The registration itself is also in English and filling out is not a big problem. There is a registration fee of RMB 60 which has to be paid online in order to finish the registration. For that fee you get a fancy T-shirt (not as pretty as our Hash shirts though) and a certificate (much fancier than our Hash stuff).

Let’s get a few Hashers to join this run! We can take the run tomorrow as practice for the big race.

Cheers and on on!


On On !!

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