Qingdao Jonoon vs. Liaoning 8.04

Qingdao Jonoon (青岛中能) plays at home against Liaoning Whowin (辽宁宏运) at Tiantai Stadium in Qingdao on August 4, 2012. More info on this match and the respective squads on Soccerway.com.

Come out and root for the home squad at historic Tiantai Stadium near Zhongshan Park in Qingdao.

Who: Qingdao Jonoon vs. Liaoning Whowin
When: August 4, 2012 (3:30 pm Kick off)
Venue: Tiantai Stadium

Tiantai Stadium

Relevant Links:
Qingdao Jonoon Official Website
Tiantai Stadium

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  1. is it hard to get tickets at the stadium on game day?

    • HI Pete, yep, tickets available on game day at the western side of the stadium near Wuchang Road. good luck ~! Hope Qingdao wins 🙂

      • Thanks again for the info!
        Nice game with 4 goals, what could be better on a Saturday afternoon?

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