Qingdao Jonoon vs. Henan Jianye 9.29

Qingdao’s first division Super League football club Qingdao Jonoon (青岛中能) play at home against Henan Jianye (河南建业) on September 29 at historic Tiantai Stadium near Zhongshan Park. Check out more details and stats on the China Super League (CSL), Qingdao Jonoon, and Henan Jianye. Come check out the 2009 China Super League third place squad and Brazilian attacker Leandro Netto.

Who: Qingdao Jonoon vs. Henan Jianye
When: September 29, 7:30 pm Kick Off
Venue: Tiantai Stadium

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  1. It’s the last game of the season, right? Don’t think they have a chance to catch the title this year. An impressive 10 losses stand against 5 wins – and 9 draws. Which makes them the bottom team of the table at the moment.

    Can they actually get kicked down to second league? What happens if they don’t win this game?

    Whatever happens, I will still wear my Zhongneng shirt in public 🙂

    • Sorry, just checked. There are still a few games to come. After this one it’s 4 more games, but only one home game on the 27. Oct.

      I still wonder what happens to the last one of the table though…

  2. Qingdao WON! What a surprise, right?

    Qingdao – Henan: 1:0

    The goal was late in the game, 81st minute after a throw-in from the bald guy. The rest of the game wasn’t too special. You can catch a summary here:


    But they are still on 13th place – out of 16….

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