Qingdao Hash House Harriers Turns 200

“Where were you when the hash turned 200?”
that’s what your grandchildren will ask you someday.
what will you tell them?

will you tell them of that fateful day on January 15 when you took part in the best damn Hash there ever was? the best damn Hash there ever could be?

yes. you will.

Saturday is what we’ve been running for all these years for. the first 199 runs were just preparation for the most glorious hash event the gods could have ever imagined. a hash so good we’re supplying tissues for you to dry your tears of joy (before they freeze to your face). this is Hash #200!!!!

Saturday will be very eventful, so I’ll save a few surprises, but there’s a bit of business we must get out of the way:

The Run:
a good bit of exercise, but there will be a lovely shortcut if you’d prefer to walk.

2pm, Crowne Plaza Lobby. 2:15 departure with the sharpness.

If you want to meet us directly at Start Circle: Junction of Xianggang (East) and Hai Chuan Lu (Hai Chuan Lu is one road/block east of Qingda San Road, which is east of Ocean University). There is a bus stop at the junction. According to the bus stop sign 102, 104, 125, 301, 304 are good if heading east.

YES WE HAVE SHIRTS! they’re very classy, clean polo shirts for you very classy, clean polo people. please advise your desired size by email ASAP if you have not done so already. We have small, medium, large, and XL. Please note, you’re only getting XL if you NEED it as we really don’t have many, and small shirts are pretty limited as well. Please advise your first choice and second choice, in case your first is already taken. our “large” size this time is probably like the X-Large size from the Nash Hash. Large will fit someone like Whore’s Whisperer or Bush Ranger.

we’re going to finish the run at a lovely restaurant with food, beer, and all the trimmings. probably also be hitting some bars post-post-run.

so, running isn’t enough for you? fine. we’ll also have games and activities after the run for the attention-deficit-suffering youngsters. this will mostly be in the way of drinking games, but there may be some twister involved as well, allegedly. music? hell yes.

Commitments…i know, who likes em? but i’m asking to hear back on polo shirts AND, if possible, participation in Saturday Hash by Thursday at 11:57PM.

should be about 50RMB. sorry i don’t have an exact number. will try to get to you all by tomorrow.

need help? information? whatever? call me. 152 6305 6698

Adios Amigos.

On On !!
Morgan “Family Jewels” Tanner
Hare Raiser/Trail Master – Qingdao Hash House Harriers
www.qingdaohhh.com – Drinking club with a running problem 😉

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  1. a few final notes:

    cost will be 50 rmb and that will cover copious amounts of alcohol and food.

    wear warm clothes and proper shoes (multi terrain and there may be snow around) .


  2. Howdy Partners,

    Thanks for those of you who have booked your spot already for tomorrow’s landmark event. When Crowne Plaza agrees to put up our memorial plaque in their lobby, your names will be there.

    For those of you who have not! well, no name on the plaque for you bums, but you can still participate tomorrow if you arrive in Crowne Plaza lobby at 2pm. We still have shirts available and spots at the restaurant. (though it is still very strongly advised and heartily encouraged that you sign up before tomorrow!!).

    We’re expecting lots of alcohol, lots of food, lots of adventure, lots of running (or walking), and lots of public nudity.

    A demain.


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