Dear Hashers,
Come on people, you come out in nice enough numbers to enjoy the runs and afters set up by other people but do not own up easily to set a trail yourselves!!! NOW is a BIG chance to LEARN the fine art of laying a hash trail and setting a run with experienced hashers if only you would commit yourself!!

IMMEDIATE NEED – Straydog “Chris” is looking for VIRGIN/new volunteer/s who want to learn to set a trail for THIS WEEK’S run, please get in touch with him directly by email (on the address provided above) to set things in motion, thanks.

In the long term, our November calendar looks quite EMPTY at the moment, please take a look at the dates below and do let Premature Finnish “Timo” know if you are available and want to set one of our runs below!!

Come on…If you like to come out and enjoy others’ trails, it’s time you set one yourself too!!

Run No. 297 – October 13 – Straydog “Chris” ++ VIRGIN HARE/S
Run No. 298 – October 20 – Premature Finnish “Timo”
Run No. 299 – October 27 –
Run No. 300 – November 3 –
Run No. 301 – November 10 –
Run No. 302 – November 17 –
Run No. 303 – November 24 –

Thanks, cheers and on on..

Premature Finnish & Team
Hare Raiser/Trail Master – Qingdao Hash House Harriers

Facebook: – Drinking club with a running problem 😉

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Crowne Plaza Qingdao Website
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