Join the Qingdao Hash House Harriers for an almost out of town run in Li Cun on September 22, 2012. Note the early start of 1 pm. This marks run number 294 in the history of the Qingdao group of drinkers with a running problem.

When: September 22, 2012 @ 1 pm
Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel

From the Qingdao HHH official website: “Here in Qingdao, every week the Qingdao Hash House Harriers jog, walk, crawl and run a 60 to 90 minute fun run. They follow a trail marked with flour laid out by “hares” which ends at a “Down Down” circle.”

More info from the Qingdao HHH:

Run No. 294, September 22, 2012

Hare/s: Horny Medic “Lisa” & Pole Beer “Idzi”

Costs: Run: RMB 10/head for hashers & harriettes; RMB 5/ head for horrors upto 12 years old for bus & beers/water – Horrors MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by one or both parents on ALL OUR RUNS, unaccompanied Horrors will be sent back home !!

Dinner is optional and will be at an added cost if you decide to stay!

Meeting Place and Time: PLEASE NOTE THE EARLIER START AS THIS IS AN ALMOST OUT OF TOWN RUN >>>>>> Meet at Hotel Crowne Plaza lobby at 1 PM for a 1.15 PM SHARP hare off!! We will take bus #801 first and then change to #106/109/372/111 at LICUN GONGYUAN (李村公园) stop and finally get off at the run start point at NANWUSHI (南屋石) bus stop.

Licun Residents: Could wait up at LICUN GONGYUAN to join the oncoming hashers from Crowne Plaza no later than 2.15PM or can go directly to the run start point at NANWUSHI stop, please be there no later than 2.30PM.

Run starts as soon as we all reach the start point, approximately by 2.40-45 PM!

Hare/s say: This is an out of town trail. You will enjoy the peaceful countryside and excellent views at some unexpected places when you might begin to abuse the hares from your heart 🙂 ! Some places are slippery. Hiking shoes are perfect for walkers. Because we can only find trees, small flowers and stones around the beer stop, it is impossible to organize drinks for thirsty this time. Please bring your own drinks along.

Plan to attend? Please RSVP here.

Receding Hareline:
WE NEED HARES! Please let Premature Finnish know if you are available to hare a date below, thanks!
Run No. 295 – September 29 – Susie (VIRGIN hare) + ??
Run No. 296 – October 6 – ??
Run No. 297 – October 13 – ??
Run No. 298 – October 20 – Premature Finnish “Timo”
Run No. 299 – October 27 – ??

Want to volunteer for haring? Know someone who wants to hare? Please contact Premature Finnish.

On On !!

Premature Finnish & Team
Hare Raiser/Trail Master – Qingdao Hash House Harriers

Facebook: – Drinking club with a running problem 😉

Global Hash Trash:

Relevant Links:
Qingdao Hash House Harriers Official Website
Crowne Plaza Qingdao Website
Qingdao HHH on Facebook

Image Credit @ Tsingtao Hu

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