The next Qingdao Hash House Harriers run is August 20, 2011 – meet at Crowne Plaza at 2 pm. This marks run number 237 for the Qingdao Hashers. This week the drinkers with a running problem are going to the Sifang area to stay as far away as possible from the Qingdao Beer Festival.

When: August 20, 2 pm
Venue: Meet at the Crowne Plaza, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu

From the Qingdao HHH official website: “Here in Qingdao, every week the Qingdao Hash House Harriers jog, walk, crawl and run a 60 to 90 minute fun run. They follow a trail marked with flour laid out by “hares” which ends at a “Down Down” circle.”

See more details below.

Qingdao Hash House Harriers Beer

More info from the Qingdao HHH:

Run No. 237 – Saturday August 20, 2011

Hare/s: Pleases the Court, He Jie, special advisor: Well Hung Jury

Costs: usual RMB 10 for bus and beers, dinner is optional and will be an additional RMB 25-35/head if you decide to stay

Meeting Place and Time: Hotel Crowne Plaza at 2 PM for a 2:15 SHARP start. We will take bus number 210 from the bus stop opposite Jusco. Get off the bus at Sifang (四方) out in the farthest reaches of Sifang. The ride takes about 40 minutes. For hashers who want to go direct, plan to meet the hares at Sifang bus stop at 2:45 sharp. If you will come directly, please RSVP or call WHJ at 13864233658 or Pleases the Court at 15866857292.

Plan to attend? Please RSVP here

More Info:
This is the anti-Beer Festival run. This run will be located in Sifang, as far from the beer festival as possible and will be as different from the beer festival as possible. No loud music, no dog meat skewers, no girls with long black eyelashes and impossibly short pants (sorry boys), no fat Dongbei men singing loudly with no shirts on (sorry girls). What will we have in store: several beautiful, quiet parks, hills, sex (naked men and women at any rate), religion, false trails, a good beer stop, more hills, confusing trail markings, pompous lectures about historical and literary topics, good food at the end: all the elements of a good Pleases the Court-Well Hung Jury combo trail.

Receding Hareline:

Run No. 238 – August 27: Lost in Marks and Spencer (Nick), Sean Marling and Angelina (virgin hares)
Run No. 239 – September 3: DESPERATELY NEED Hares!
Run No. 240 – September 10: Come on guys!!
Run No. 241 – September 17: Out of town special at Huadong Wineries – Straydog and Wuimin
Run No. 242 – September 24: We NEED Hares!

Planned out of town specials:
September: Huadong Winery Tour in Beizhai – 17th Sept.
October: Sausage Fest at DEFA, Jimo, date/details to be announced

Want to volunteer for haring? Know someone who wants to hare? Please contact our Hare Raiser “Well Hung Jury”.

On On !!
Well Hung Jury & Team
Hare Raiser/Trail Master – Qingdao Hash House Harriers

Qingdao Hash House Harriers

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