The next Qingdao HHH run is July 16, 2011 – meet at Crowne Plaza 2 pm. This marks run number 232 for the Qingdao Hashers. One of the hares this week is a visitor from Kuala Lumpur, home of the original “drinking club with a running problem”. See below for details.

When: July 16, 2 pm
Venue: Meet at the Crowne Plaza, 76 Hong Kong Middle Rd.

More info from the Qingdao HHH:

Dear Hashers,

Here are the details of this week’s run:

Run No. 232 – Saturday July 16

Hares: Bushranger (Jack), Tight Fairway (Janet) and Loudmouth (Chelsea)

Costs: usual RMB 10 covers bus and beers

Meeting Place and Time: Meet at Crowne Plaza at 2 PM for a 2:15 SHARP start. We will take bus #222 to the start of the run

Bushranger has come all the way from Kuala Lumpur to show us yokels from Qingdao how a hash is really run. Everyone should attend in order to experience this wonderful educational opportunity. Jack originally wanted to model the run on the play The Suppliant Maidens. I told him this is a family group, so he agreed to revise his plan. Now he will do the run based on the Euripides play The Bacchae. Jack will play the role of The Stranger (Dionysus), described as: “god of beer, bridge building and group ecstasy, appearing as a beautiful, long haired, beer-flushed Australian.” Janet and Chelsea will play the roles of the Maeneds who assist him in his work. The Maeneds are described as: “Women seen walking blissfully on the trails of Qingdao, feasting on milk, honey and Laoshan mineral water that sprang from the ground. They mocked the menfolk, drank Qingdao beer and sang Hash songs and danced with joy.” Other ladies on the run are invited to join in the revelry. As for the men, beware. I do not recommend cross dressing on this run. See the play for details

Receding Hareline:

Run No. 233 – July 23: Well Hung Jury & Pleases the Court or Straydog
Run No. 234 – July 30: Well Hung Jury & Pleases the Court or Straydog
Run No. 235 – August 6: Who will it be?
Run No. 236 – August 13: Anyone???


Run No. 237 – August 20: Out of town Hash special in Yangkou, hares: Pleases the Court & He Jie, special advisor – Well Hung Jury
Run No. 238 – August 27: Come on guys…..

Planned Aug. & Sept. out of town specials:

August: Please see above
September: Sausage Fest in beautiful Jimo, dates/details to be announced.

Want to volunteer for haring? Know someone who wants to hare? Please contact our Hare Raiser “Well Hung Jury” by email.

On On !!

Well Hung Jury & Team
Hare Raiser/Trail Master – Qingdao Hash House Harriers

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