Join the Qingdao Hash House Harriers for run number 319 in Qingdao on March 16, 2013. Note early winter start time – meet 1 pm at Crowne Plaza.

When: March 16, 2013 @ 1 pm
Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel

From the Qingdao HHH: “Here in Qingdao, every week the Qingdao Hash House Harriers jog, walk, crawl and run a 60 to 90 minute fun run. They follow a trail marked with flour laid out by “hares” which ends at a “Down Down” circle.”

Run No. 319 – Saturday March 16, 2013 – A Very Merry Unbirthday

To who?

To me

Oh you!

A very merry unbirthday to you

Who me?

Yes, you!

Oh, me!

Let’s all congratulate us with another cup of beer!
A very merry unbirthday to you!

Now, statistics prove, prove that you’ve one birthday

Imagine, just one birthday every year

Ah, but there are three hundred and sixty four unbirthdays!

Precisely why we’re gathered here to cheer

A very merry unbirthday to you, to you

To me?

To you!

A very merry unbirthday

For me?

For you!

Now finish the beer my dear
And make your wish come true

A merry merry unbirthday to you!

In order to celebrate our unbirthday on Run 319, the March Hare has prepared an adventurous trail for you. We will meet on March 16 at 1PM in the Crowne Plaza lobby. From there we take bus 225 to Dalian Road stop 大连路 (for people going directly to the stop, please make sure you go to where the 225 stops. It’s a big junction with many buses). The run will start from Dalian Road stop at around 2PM.

It will be a confusing run through the wonderland of the old town. Passing smiling cats, tea parties and other strange sights. Time will pass quickly on this urban run and you will wake up the next morning, wondering if it all was just a dream.

Disclaimer: Unbirthday presents optional. Rabbit holes, talking animals and talking objects not included. Your experience may vary

Costs: Run is RMB 10 for hashers & harriettes. This is a 16+ only Hash, NO HORRORS UNDER 16 ARE ALLOWED!!! Dinner is optional and will be at an added cost, shared equally amongst all present, if you decide to stay!

Plan to attend? Please RSVP here.

This week there are several options for the post run fun.

Option 1:

Lennon Bar party:
Wear GREEN/Irish theme gear and accessories, at Lennon Bar, 20 Zhuhai Lu (珠海路20号). Drinks specials include RMB 10/Qingpi bottle, RMB 15/Qingpi draft, RMB 20/glass of mixed cocktails, local red or white wine and shots, RMB 25/glass of imported red or white wine and Irish whisky.

Green Drinks Specials: Absynth and Jager shots at RMB 15/shot

Option 2:

Beach Pool Party at Carnegie’s!
They were wondering how we could make it bigger and better than last year’s party so they thought – how about a pool too!!! They will have their very own 10 foot pool in the bar. Bring your swim wear and prepared to get wet… There’s also got a bikini competition, with the winner getting a 500rmb Carnegie’s voucher!
30rmb Mojitos, Margaritas and Sex on the Beach cocktails or for a glass of wine, 20rmb Coronas, and special DJ specials round up this special offer.

Receding Hareline:
Our hare line looks really healthy as of now BUT, WE STILL NEED HARES for April 6, 20 & 27 !! COME ON, PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME DOWN FOR ONE OF THESE!! It’s about time…..

WE NEED HARES all the time! Please let Van Bierschlampe know if you are available to hare a date below, thanks!
Run No. 320 – March 23 – Francesca and Shannon take us out of town & into the wild!
Run No. 321 – March 30 – Fabio + Mario take us across the bay to Huangdao 🙂
Run No. 322 – April 6 – Silent but Deadly “Ken” & Whores’ Whisperer “Philip”
Run No. 323 – April 13 – Holly Zheng
Run No. 324 – April 20 – Cindy
Run No. 325 – April 27 – ??

Hash Specials:
Henrik’s 10K Challenge. Date is yet to be confirmed but there will a straight 10 Kilometer run. No shortcuts, no stops. But with time keepers and prizes. Start preparing for it now!!

Out of town specials:
We will keep you posted as and when they come up!!
In April: Run No. 321 – March 30 – Fabio + Mario take us across the bay to Huangdao 🙂

Want to volunteer for haring? Know someone who wants to hare? Please contact us.

On On !!

Facebook: – Drinking club with a running problem 😉

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Relevant Links:
Qingdao Hash House Harriers Official Website
Crowne Plaza Qingdao Website
Qingdao HHH on Facebook

Image Credit @ Linda Apple

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