The Qingdao Grand Theatre is the city’s largest performing arts center. Designed by the German architectural group gmp, the theatre is near Shilaoren (Old Stone Man/石老人) in Laoshan district, adjacent to Qingdao International Beer City.

The massive complex cost over a billion yuan and is Qingdao’s premier host venue for cultural events, concerts and theatrical performances. The facilities included a large theatre with 1600 seats and a concert hall with room for 1200.

The area around Shilaoren has been steadily developing along with the rest of the city and the addition of this cultural complex on Hong Kong East Road means there is a more of a definite central area that could be considered “downtown” Laoshan district.

The Qingdao Museum, Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, Beer City, SPR White House (the birthplace of SPR Coffee) and Surf Plaza Resorts (Nong Hai Yuan) are all sandwiched between the largest public beach in Qingdao proper (Old Stone Man) and the Laoshan district government building in the area surrounding the Qingdao Grand Theatre.

Qingdao Grand Theater Laoshan District


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