Qingdao Fashion Week 5.05-09

Qingdao is about to get a lot better looking from May 5th to 9th as the 10th annual Qingdao International Fashion Week catwalks through the Qingdao International Convention Center. Check out some photos from last year’s Fashion Week. This year’s show will include a beauty pageant called Beauty of the World. Get ready to see some serious posing at Q Bar in Shangri-La. Anyone know of some other hot spots in town where the models, contestants and fashion entourage might be hanging out?

World Beauty Bahamas Qingdao

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Photo Credits @ World Beauty Congress and efu.com.cn

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  1. J Ch S

    Nice pages!
    Beauty of the world 2010
    Representant from Sweden Renate Cerljen is in Qingdao now!
    More pics http://www.renatecerljen.se/blog/

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