Qingdao Double Star vs. Tianjin 1.06

Hometown hoopsters Qingdao Double Star Eagles take on Tianjin Rongcheng at Qingdao University Arena, January 06, 2010. Tickets available at venue. More Info: 8268-4351.

When: January 06, 2010 (7:30 pm Tip Off)
Venue: Qingdao University Arena
More Info: 8268-4351

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  1. The stadium is on the Qingdao University Campus. Qingdao Double Star is a young team. There is a ticket booth on the North west corner of the Stadium. It is a little house with a map of the stadium seats on the side of it. Tickets are inexpensive and I had a great time. They play basketball. Everyone is happy especially if Qingdao wins. Qingdao won!

  2. The new Lebanese player is pretty good.

  3. derek

    think i saw the opposition on a flight from beijing on the saturday beforehand. either that or it was just a coincidence there were about 10 blokes averaging 6ft6, and one guy over 7ft tall on that flight

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