Qingdao Double Star vs. Jilin 1.15

Hometown hoopsters Qingdao Double Star Eagles take on Jilin Northeast Tigers at Qingdao University Arena, January 15, 2010. Tickets start at 20 yuan (RMB) and are available at venue (enter via south gate on Hong Kong East Road). More Info: 8268-4351.

When: January 15, 2010 (7:30 pm Tip Off)
Venue: Qingdao University Arena
More Info: 8268-4351

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  1. The student tickets are 20 and regular are 30. The arena is not that full, so moving around is no problem. There are some snacks for sale but no beer (as far as I know), and the temperature was just slightly above a hockey rink, but it’s still a nice night out, made nicer for the guys by the cheerleader squad 😉

  2. as of today, the team is 2-8. They don’t give a consistent effort for 4 quarters, most teams beat us with hustle, not to mention points off the glass and free throws.

    Its still a good time if your bring your friends.


  3. Allen Miles

    I was at the game against guandong(22-1),and the doublestars were up the whole game,twice by 14,and most of the time by around 6 or 8.That is untill the last 2 minutes, when some incredibly bad calls gave the visitors the lead and the game.Still, it was an exciting game,and it was decided by 3 pts.So the difference between the no. 1 team, and the next to the bottom team in the CBA is not so great.Besides importing American players,(who are the top leading scorers on their teams and in the league),what they now need is to import referees,ones who know what a foul is.

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