Qingdao media stalwart Redstar is conducting its second poll of restaurants in Qingdao, the 2010/11 Qingdao Chi Fan Awards. Only the very best of Qingdao’s restaurants are featured: Whether they are Chinese, other Asian or Western in theme, they have all displayed unerring attention to detail in their food and quality of ingredients, the decor, the variety of menu items, or speciality styles. The voting will run from now until January 15, 2011, and many of the city’s best venues are doing special deals in partnership with the poll.

Check out the 2010/11 Chi Fan Awards to participate in the 2nd annual poll of the best restaurants in Qingdao.

Qingdao Chifan Awards Wine

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2010/11 Qingdao Chi Fan Awards

Photo Credit @ Redstar

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