Qingdao Bake Sale

For everyone who likes baking (and cooking) but is frustrated by the limited supplies at the usual supermarkets, or going from shop to shop trying to find the one missing ingredient, there’s some help available here in Qingdao. Of course you can now order many things over Taobao but often that takes time and besides, you need to go through the Chinese language pages on the site. So how about just being able to walk into a small shop instead and touch, smell and taste the things before you buy them?

Name: Aftertaste (Bake Supply) / 品味生活馆
Address: 130 Shandong Rd., Bldg. 1, 2-2703 / 山东路130号1号楼2单元2703
Info: 8508.6215 / joejo_h@hotmail.com

Just north of the Shandong Road Carrefour there is a small shop called Aftertaste that sells the ingredients, cooking supplies and hardware needed for some serious home baking. You can buy chocolate chips in small 100g bags for 6 yuan RMB, confectionary sugar in 200g bags for the same price, and some silicone forms for around 40 yuan RMB. You can even browse a small collection of ovens (different sizes but basically like those on sale at Metro) and other hardware (hand mixers, bread-machines and more). The shop also sells some spices and it all comes in small plastic bags so you won’t end up with a big pile of spices that you don’t really need. No idea if they also give you some recipes though. You can check out what they have on their Taobao page and then head over to the shop on Shandong Lu if you find something you like online.

The staff is friendly but have limited English. They let you browse the merchandise and are helpful if you are not sure how to say it in Chinese. You don’t need any appointment and can just walk in whenever they are open. It’s all located in an apartment just next to the Carrefour so it’s very easy to get there by taxi or bus. Just keep in mind that they are closed on Mondays.

Maybe soon you can have the smell of fresh cookies in your home?

Aftertaste Bake Shop In Qingdao

Aftertaste Bake Shop in Qingdao - north of Carrefour Shandong Lu

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  1. Derek

    nice one chris, susie’s often looking for this kind of thing for her class, thanks

  2. thank you very much for posting this! it is very helpful! 🙂

  3. Glad to hear that. It was written at a time when the main supermarkets didn’t have that many foreign baking goods and when Taobao had less baking shops. If you know how to use Taobao then you can find good silicone baking forms online and also some hard to find ingredients.

    If online shopping is not your thing then this little shop mentioned in the article is a good option because you can go in and check out the things before you buy.

    Enjoy your baking!

  4. Lea

    hi, apparently the shop has a new address, as shown here : http://joejo.taobao.com/view_page-83596961.htm?spm=a1z10.4.w2881963244.7.yz8eEk
    Qingdao, Shandong Road 130 ), Building 1, Unit 2, Room 601 / 青岛市山东路130号(嘉合新兴)1号楼2单元601室

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