Sun Yong (孙勇), aka Lao A Fei, is a Qingdao native currently residing in Beijing. Growing up amongst the red-tiled roofs and cobblestone alleyways of the ‘Old Town,’ his passion for Qingdao’s environs and architecture are clearly visible in his fascinating illustrations.

He attended Number 6 Middle School (Qingdao’s premier art high school located atop one of Qingdao’s most beautiful hills, Guanxiang Shan) before moving on to Sichuan Fine Art Institute where he studied Environmental Art. He is also a great enthusiast and knowledgeable resource on all things ‘Old Town,’ so check out his blog or more of his art and photos.

Qingdao Artist Sun Yong

Sun Young - Rock

Sun Yong Redrest

Sun Yong Pig

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