Pan Wenyi loves to paint, as evidenced by the incredible amount of canvases packed into his home studio in the commercial district of Qingdao known as Taidong. Visitors to his home find an oasis of creativity, with antique furniture, sculptures, paintings, Chinese tea and music, and Pan’s personal collection of ancient pottery and stones creating an otherworldly environment for this Qingdao artist to work and live.

Reminiscent of Chagall and Picasso, Pan Wenyi’s paintings portray whimsical combinations of shapes, colors, symbols, figures and themes for an overall effect of playful profundity mixed with a heavy streak of sarcasm and irony. Well collected throughout China, America, and Europe, Pan Wenyi stands out among a crowd of very talented painters plying their craft in Qingdao. For more info, send an email to the artist here.

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