Qingdao Flea Market

The Qingdao Flea Market in Shibei district is a place to buy furniture and appliances at a discount. The stock in the semi covered market varies from day to day but generally ranges from home furnishings to office equipment. There is some new furniture mixed in among the used goods of varying quality, including kitchen appliances as well as cheap sofas and household items. Also on offer: used TVs, DVD, VCR, and cassette players, boom boxes, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, bikes, electric scooters, mattresses, bed frames, and more.

Bargaining/haggling is expected though vendors usually resist efforts to discount the already low prices.

Once purchased, goods can be delivered to your home or office by independent movers with small cargo trucks (usually flatbed pick ups). Quotes on delivery fees depend on distance to be travelled, whether or not the stuff needs to be carried up stairs, how many flights, and access to an elevator. Buyers may travel in the truck though the cab is small and usually a taxi or private car is needed to follow or lead the delivery truck to its final destination.

The flea market is referred to locally as a second hand market. To get there by taxi, tell the driver èr shǒu shì chǎng (二手市场) near Qinghai Lu (青海路) and Dagang Lu (大港路). View the location on Google Maps. Vendors at the market will also purchase used goods – visit them to get more information. Check out some photos from the market taken on June 30, 2011 below.

Qingdao Flea Market Tables Fans

Qingdao Second Hand Market Appliances

Qingdao Flea Market Bookcases

Qingdao Flea Market Sofas

Qingdao Second Hand Market Furniture

Qingdao Second Hand Market Furniture Appliances

Qingdao Second Hand Market TVs

Qingdao Second Hand Market Air Con

Qingdao Flea Market Cookers

Qingdao Used Appliances

Qingdao Second Hand Market Dagang 2 Lu

Qingdao Second Hand Market Qinghai Lu

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Qingdao Flea Market

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  1. I sourced a new, functional, 4-drawer dresser there for 180 RMB and a large stand-alone bookcase also for 180 RMB. Even better was the food shopping street a few blocks away… all that walking around on a hot ‘n humid day made me thirsty and I sat under the shade of cafe umbrella at an sidewalk resto… had a fat pint of sweet, cold beer fresh out of the keg. Man, did it slake my thirst and it was only 4 kuai… so I had two! Ha ha!

    Will go back for the furniture and… the beer! Cheers! (And fine job on the photo essay! Most informative…)

    • I have been asking and asking my boyfriend to take me Here!! Now I can go on my own, though I have had success buying house hold stuff online…

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