UPDATE: from the Qingdao Hash House Harriers

Next Run
Meet tomorrow at 2pm in the Crowne Plaza. Silent But Deadly is setting a trail for us. Will be worth it!

The new email address
Yes, we have a new email address. Not sure if this will be temporary or not but for now accessing Gmail is sometimes troublesome and sending out our weekly announcements didn’t always work well. So for the moment we will use this outlook.com account. Please feel free to inform other people about the change as well so that we can quickly reach the same number of recipients as before and all will know about the runs.

In addition to the emails there are no WeChat groups. Yes, more than one. There’s a general chat group with more than 60 people. That group shares photos and updates, and sometimes many other things as well. Waking up on Sunday morning and having more than 90 messages is not unheard of. We will share the QR code of that group soon. This can be used for general chat.

If so many messages scare you then there’s also a new account for the Hash. It’s not open yet but thanks to Henrik it is already applied for. We want to use this for info only. Share run info, pictures etc. QR code will come soon, once it is approved.

Upcoming special runs
We’re planning a few special runs already and will do those once it is not so hot. In planning are a run in Weifang, a run in a vineyard in Laixi and maybe another run in Pingdu. We could also have another BBQ on the beach if somebody wants to help organizing it. And we probably do another 10K race and another Beer run in the harbour (last one was crazy, exhausting but fun).

Regular runs
They are still the same. Meet at 2pm in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza and then go to the start from there. In the last week the hare situation was not always good but there was always a run. For the next few weeks we should coordinate the hares again and then put some good runs together. Come and join when you have time!

400th run
Yes, that one is also coming soon. If somebody would like to help with the planning and with putting together special things, then please contact me.

The summer is over and many active Hashers have left QD and moved to other cities. We should invite new people to join our group so that we can introduce Qingdao to them and show them why it’s so nice to live and run here. If you know some other runners then please invite them!

Hope to see you on one of the next runs. Cheers and on on!


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