Good morning Hashers!

Our next run is a very special one and there will be a separate email going out to the participants of the Jimo Hot Spring Run later as well. If you really still want to join then please contact us and we see what we can do (no guarantee for discounted tickets though).

Here’s some info about what else is coming up in the next weeks so you can plan and practice:

– 01. March: Run 368. It looks like this will be another mountain run over in the Shilaoren area. Good exercise and lots of fresh air.

– 08. March: Run 369. This is the Jinan Run and we will take a train at 8 in the morning to get to Jinan. There some QD Hashers have a trail for us that will show us some of the good sights that Jinan has to offer (I was told that there are quiet a few of them). After the run we’ll have a good dinner and then take the train back to QD in the evening. Arrival back here is around 10:30 PM. Overnight stay is optional. Info on the train and other details will be sent out soon.

– 15. March: Run 370. CROWNE PLAZA STAIRCASE RUN. One of our highlights and always a good event. We’ll start in the parking garage and then run to the top floor. Around 40 floors or steps and steps and more steps. We collect money from all runners and then donate it to a local charity.

– 22. March: Run 371. No hare for this run yet. If you would like to help out a bit and prepare a run then please contact us.

– 29. March: Run 371. Our new arrival ‘The only gay in the village’ will set a trail for us. Normally he runs extreme races of many many kilometers (don’t want to write the length and scare you) but for this trail he promises to keep it “reasonable”. Whatever that means… Let’s hope it’s still in the double digits…

There you have it. Contact us if you have questions. See you on one of the upcoming runs. Cheers and on on,


On On !!

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