QDHHH Charity Staircase Run 2.23

Dear Hashers,

Update from Straydog:

Here are the details of this week’s run:

Run No. 316 – Saturday February 23, 2013 – 5th “Crowne Plaza Annual Charity Staircase Run” After Run Dinner & Party at Lennon Bar 6-10 PM, Super Heroes Party at Carnegies, 10 PM onwards

Fellow Hashers,

Our next run is once again a rather special one and I hope that you all have time to join. It’s the Crowne Playza Charity Staircase Run 2013! That’s the run where we finally don’t have to run in that dangerous outside world with either too much sunshine or freezing temperatures. No, this time it’s all inside. There will be also many other non-hashers on this run and it will all be a nice party with a bit of running.

The fee for this time is RMB 50! That money will go to a charity group and help poor people in Qingdao and Shandong. For all runners there are some cool prizes that we hand out, so we all have a chance to walk home with something nice.

The run starts at 2pm! If you are bored at home or you can’t sleep any more then you can also come earlier and help us set up the whole thing. Some of us will be there from 12pm on. Just wander around and you will find us somewhere in the hotel.

There will be an area where you can deposit your bags and clothes but leaving stuff there will be at your own risk. Actually, running up the stairs will be at your own risk, so if you’re not not sure you can make it all the way, then you can help at a less stressful desk.

After the run there will be a dinner for those that are interested at Lennon Bar. We can walk over after the run. All participants will get a discount for their drinks (dinner is still normal price for the ones who want to eat). And if you’re still not willing to go home then there is also a special Super Heroes party at Carnegie’s after the dinner……

See you on Saturday, on on!


Come and join the 5th Annual Charity Staircase Run!

It’s time again for one of Qingdao’s most exhausting charity events. Come and join the Hash House Harriers on February 23 at 2pm for this very special run. The run starts in the basement of Crowne Plaza Hotel and goes all the way to the top floor – yes, all 40 floors! The starting fee this year is RMB 50.

Crowne Plaza will reward the fastest runner with a night in one of their luxurious rooms.

Perfect to recover and relax after the run! The other runners are not forgotten and all have a chance to win a prize from the sponsors. Prizes will be handed out in creative categories, such as “slowest runner”, “youngest runner”, “best dressed runner” and so on. The sponsors this year include Thai Me Up, Hanbur Bakery, France Bacchus Wine, Shangri-La Hotel and many more.

All the money that is collected on the day will be handed over to the charity group Agape, which is a government recognized charity in Qingdao that will use the funds to help poor children and elderly in and around town. Every RMB will help!

On top of that a lucky draw will give prizes to everyone – including people who didn’t go up the staircase.

You think you’re fast? Why not challenge another runner and let the slower runner donate a few RMB more?

For more information or if you want to donate a small prize, please email qingdaohhh@gmail.com

Relevant Links:
Qingdao Hash House Harriers Website

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  1. Hi,
    yep, it’s going to be a fun day! ;z)
    It’s going to be my last Hash in QD for now ;z(
    The night will go on afterwards (we are creatures of habit)
    I think we’ll work on the categories for people this year right?

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