A student from Qingdao Technological University has contributed her expertise and brilliance to the benefit of those of us who live in and around tall buildings. Wu Xueli received a patent for a model that helps to keep high rises from collapsing during an earthquake. Congrats to Ms. Wu, and thanks for working to make the world a safer place.

More info on Qingdao student Wu Xueli’s achievement:

Wu Xueli, a senior student from Qingdao Technological University in Qingdao City in east China’s Shandong Province, recently received a patent for her utility model of her self-invented isolation bracket for high-rise buildings.

Wu said that the isolation bracket is a kind of layer between the pile foundation and main building and that it acts as a buffer.

Wu said that many buildings built in Sichuan after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake used isolation brackets to reduce the risk of damages from earthquakes. However, she said that the commonly-used isolation bracket is only effective to reduce top-down earthquakes and is not helpful in reducing left-to-right earthquakes. Her invention addresses that problem.

Wu and her five-member team invented a device that will eliminate earthquake energy. According to teachers at the Qingdao Technological University, the isolation bracket is able to resist an 8.0-magnitude earthquake.

(Source: online.sh.cn/Translated by womenofchina.cn)

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