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China Daily reports that Qingdao is now home to China’s largest capsule hotel. Kind of a cross between train bunks and pet carriers, the stacked spaces have WiFi and LCD televisions mounted on the wall. Cosy, claustrophobic, or creepy?

More info on Qingdao’s 1st capsule hotel:

China’s largest capsule hotel in Qingdao has 100 capsule rooms, each equipped with an LCD TV, WiFi connection, a computer desk, a dresser and comfortable bedding. Staying in one of these 2-by-1 meter, 1.2-meter high capsule rooms costs 45 yuan ($7.2) per day during the off season and 80 yuan during peak season.

Qingdao Capsule Hotel

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Image Credit @ Asianewsphoto

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  1. Hmm, I thikn they left out a small detail in the orginal article (which wasn’t very long):

    Where is this place?

    80 RMB still sounds a bit expensive to me though.

  2. It’s on Tianjin Lu near the railway station! Cheers..

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